The ‘Of Blue Mountains and Verdant Forests’ collection is inspired by the lush colors of blue-green landscape paintings. Perfect for elevated daily wear and occasions, this collection features signature digital prints and mountain range cutouts on dresses and matching sets constructed out of luxurious silks and velvets. Each digital print is inspired by foundational elements of Chinese landscape paintings, including brushwork, poetry, calligraphy, and philosophy.

A Note from the Designer

I was a college sophomore sitting in a Chinese art history class when the professor flashed a picture of A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, a blue-green landscape painting masterpiece from the Northern Song Dynasty, across the projector screen. I remember the sense of awe that overcame me in that moment, mesmerized by the vibrant blues and greens of the painting and a conception of beauty that can only be experienced but not described.

When I thought about making my first fashion collection, I naturally gravitated towards landscape paintings with bold blue and green pigments. I want to convey that sense of lush color and awe-inspiring rhythm that I felt as an art history student to a larger audience. This collection honors the beauty and artistic legacy of landscape paintings, and I hope that it infuses a bit of poetic beauty into your everyday life.

A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, Wang Ximeng (1096-1119), Northern Song Dynasty

“Refined prints, luxurious fabrics, and a modern interpretation of classical Chinese aesthetics define the quintessential SHUMINGYU piece.”