A Note from the Designer:


I was a college sophomore sitting in a Chinese art history class when the professor flashed a picture of A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, a blue-green landscape painting from the Song Dynasty, across the projector screen. I remember the sense of awe that overcame me in that moment, mesmerized by the vibrant blues and greens of the painting and a conception of beauty that can only be experienced but not described. When I thought about making my first fashion collection, I naturally gravitated towards landscape paintings with bold blue and green pigments. I want to convey that sense of lush color and awe-inspiring rhythm that I felt as an art history student to a larger audience. This collection honors the beauty and artistic legacy of landscape paintings, and I hope that it infuses a bit of poetic beauty into your everyday life.

A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, Wang Ximeng (1096-1119), Northern Song Dynasty