SHUMINGYU is a designer womenswear brand rooted in the poetic essence of Chinese art.

From the free-spirited brushwork of ink paintings, the rhythmic flow of poetry, and the delicate luster of ceramics, we strive to interpret and respect the artistic lineages that have come before us and on whose shoulders we now stand.

The brand name SHUMINGYU pays tribute to the Chinese saying “落叶归根”, which invokes the powerful imagery of autumn leaves falling towards their roots, returning to the soil that once nurtured it.

SHUMINGYU combines the designer’s given name SHUYU with MING, a character taken from the genealogy poem that traces her family roots.The name SHUMINGYU pays tribute to cultural memories passed down through generations, which have deeply shaped our aesthetic perspective.

Throughout history, artistic pursuits such as painting and poetry were avenues of poetic self-expression, blooming into a refined and elegant aesthetic that have nurtured generations of Chinese artists. SHUMINGYU is our way of sharing our perspective of this beauty through drawing inspiration from art, philosophy, and literature, and infusing it into our pieces.

"When I create a collection, I first decide on a particular theme, which is either a genre of Chinese art or type of craft. Then I look at the most representative pieces of art from the genre to identify the most distinctive characteristics of the collection. During this process, I am looking at art objects that have graced the courts of emperors, the gaze of connoisseurs, and the hands of skilled artisans."